Thursday, June 11, 2009

Work At Home Jobs

Here is an easy and home based job or your own business by which you can earn $100 to $2000 per month without any cost or fee. This is your own work and better from all online jobs like data entry job or forml filling, main thing it would give your more earning.

No Fee, No Cost

There are many companies that offer part time jobs, internet jobs or work at home jobs.
Here I want to tell you a purely your own business like job with no registration or fees.
Where as all these companies first demand a registration fee starting from $45 to $200.

This job require no investment. The thing you need a gmail account only.
Then make your own blog with name your like on (Click to blogging and traffic tips )
Follow instruction when building your blog.

Here you will find a monetize tab, click it and appley google Adsense. Fill your account form
Don't worry if no add appear on your blog.

Actually adsense take its time to approve your acount.
Know market or work for gaining traffic on your blog. As many traffic your blog has as quickly your account will be approved.

know it is your home based job or business to work for traffic.
Not be worry join forms and other community site and place your blog link. If your content is informative automatically your would be build.

This practice is your home based job or home business you have to work at home. It is on to you how much you want to earn by your blog. Do it part time or full time. Keep attach with us soon will give you instruction how you can get traffic to your site to earn money.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Increase Traffic of site in 5 minutes

This is an SEO blog. First post is about effective use of your blog or site keywords, title, url and content in this way so that it can easily be indexed in search engines and can increase traffic of your web site or blog.

After deciding your content, selecting key words for your site. You need only 5 minutes or less to deciding your meta, title and url in such a way that with a minor seo tips you can get traffic for your site and blog.

following are some tips about how to attract people to visit your blog to get more traffic.

Content is the main thing to get high traffic. Keep your content clean and your wording should be simple.
If you took data from any other side be care about it. Change the wording from the original source.

Key words:
First of all define keywords. which people more use in their search queries in search engines. Many key words tool are available in most of the seo sites for this purpose.

In title of your blog try to sellect words which poeple frequently use in their search queries like this blog's title is vitiligo because it is a generic keyword in health and skin diesease catagory. Title also play main role to get more traffic.


First thing which people see it is your title and url and hence criticle thing to get more traffic for your site or blog. Use Generic keyword in the URL of your blog like
in these blogs the key word seo tips is used.

most bloggers offer to use html in their blog. First make an test html file for your blog. apply table and divs . if suitable then copy the your content with html and paist in the edit box.
never forget to preview before publishing your blog

You have to use some tricks for your blog to increase the Result position of your blog in the Search engines.
1)Book mark your blog in the famous social sites like digg, delious and technorati etc.
2)Use yahoo answer
3)Submit your blog in the free blog directoris.

Social sites:
Introduce your blog at the social site, like social book marking sites.

Yahoo Answers:
Search yahoo answer relating the content of your blog and give answer whoes source info is your blog.

Give serious comment and in URL field give the url of your blog.

Submit your blog in the free blog directories.

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